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Leveraging 10 years of academic research, perfected and tuned in real-world scenarios, the FiveM team have developed a simple but powerful framework. 

IGNITE is an in-person, two-day workshop that lays the foundation for a laser-focused vision, well-defined subordinate objectives, and conceptual workstreams to achieve the vision. 

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A Different Engagement Model

During our workshop, we’ll generate a host of artifacts that will serve as the basis for future strategy definition and mobilization.

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Our Style

The FiveM Framework

Redefining modernization in insurance

Our deep industry knowledge and decades of experience leading multiple modernization initiatives have given us the unique opportunity to redefine how companies successfully improve their technology and build innovation. The FiveM framework is a data-centric approach that simplifies the entire process and allows your team to achieve quick wins delivering immediate value.



Words matter! Together, we will carefully choose the words that describe the next 1-3 years of your strategy.


Where to play

Defining geographies and customer segments are the key to ensuring your products and experiences match with customer expectations.


How to win

The fun part! Defining the what capabilities you need, defining what must be true in order to be successful in your chosen markets.



How are we keeping score? Identifying key organizational metrics will help us ensure we are on track to achieving our winning aspiration.

The complete modernization system is designed specifically for small-to-medium sized insurance organizations.

FiveM founder and CEO Miguel edwards having a conversation with an executive at a conference

Miguel edwards

Miguel Edwards is a Fortune 100-trained insurance executive with over 20 years of insurance operations and technology leadership. Miguel founded FiveM to bring his combined corporate and academic experience to FiveM
Learning, while also offering “Big Four” style consulting to small & medium sized insurance companies through FiveM Consulting.

Expert facilitation is the ‘secret sauce’ of an engaging workshop. Our facilitators are professionally trained and steeped in your industry, allowing us to artfully push your thinking. 

FiveM clients see immediate results with more agile and efficient operations, reduced costs, increased profits, and greater market competitiveness.

Areas of Expertise

Let's build your ideal solution

Our in-depth experience allows us to build a bespoke approach to modernization that's best suited for your business, its unique advantaged and goals.


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