The Ever-Expanding Role of Operations

Organizations differ in their approaches to operational leadership. No longer are insurance COOs solely focused on underwriting, claims, billing and keeping the lights on. They have evolved into thought partners with wide-ranging responsibilities and an ever-growing backlog of strategic projects.

Where to focus? Try the “Hedgehog Principle”.


Whether you find yourself among the scores of tech workers thinking through your transition, or you’re an executive making difficult choices about your operations, The Hedgehog Principle represent a simple, yet insightful filter to help you make better decisions around where to focus your most valuable resource: time. 

As you climb the ladder, who’s gonna call you out?


With fewer people around us, who do we turn to for a candid assessment of our work? ike many leaders in most organizations at this time of year, you probably find yourself in the midst of year-end performance reviews. But as an ascending leader, you may find yourself without the benefit of honest feedback – few are bold enough to give criticism at this critical time in your career.

Book Review: “The No Asshole Rule”

In “The No Asshole Rule,” author Robert I. Sutton tackles the often overlooked but significant issue of incivility in the workplace. Sutton, a professor of management science at Stanford University, defines an “asshole” as someone who is rude, disrespectful, or aggressive towards others. These individuals can have a detrimental effect on a workplace, creating a toxic culture that can demoralize and demotivate employees.

Book Review: “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”

Perhaps one of the most influential books of our time, Patrick Lencioni leverages an innovative writing (at least for business books) style (at least for business books) which leverages the power of parable to explore a complex topic. In his book, “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” Lencioni uses a model based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to describe the common problems that prevent teams from performing at their best.

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