A proven framework backed by decades of experience

For most companies, modernization can seem a bit insurmountable. There are
several different ways you can approach modernization and often executives find themselves balancing a constant shift in priorities making it extremely difficult to stay focused. 

 This is exactly why we’ve taken our decades of experience developing and implementing major modernization strategies to create a framework that can be tailored to your business. The work we’ll do together will bring your business simplicity, clarity, and confidence from start to finish.

The FiveM Framework


Defining the path forward

The first thing we’ll do is set up your leadership support program and take a deep dive to understand your existing system architecture, processes, and dependencies. Mapping is crucial for identifying areas that require updates or re-engineering. At this end of this phase, you’ll have a clearly documented strategic roadmap that defines the path from current state to future state with specific milestones and objectives. 

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Building the foundation for accelerated growth and continous innovation

We’ll work with you and your teams to define the data structures, relationships, and flow throughout the system to increase effectiveness and speed of modernization. Once this is defined, we’ll ensure your information technology organization has mastered the data-architecture, a pivotal skill for future innovation and sustaining a competitive advantage. This is when
the business becomes more empowered through the use of data and begins to see the incredible value of your information technology organization. 

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Improving technology and building powerful integrations to achieve scale

We look at the most effective and efficient ways to update technologies, architectures, and practices to contemporary standards. This typically includes the integration of new technologies, such as microservices and containerization, to enhance flexibility, scalability, and performance. At this stage, your company will begin to receive faster deployment of new features, greater customer satisfaction, increased efficiencies, reduced technical debt, and lower costs of doing business. 

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Creating focus, alignment, and transparency

Continuous measurement is essential to ensure that the systems operate efficiently and reliably. It also helps in detecting issues early, understanding system
performance, and optimizing operations based on real- time data and strategic feedback loops. We identify OKRs and KPIs aligned with business goals so you have full visibility into the performance of your organization. Our measurement system empowers your organization to increase focus, balance of strategic priorities, and make more effective data-driven decisions. 


Empowering IT to effectively measure ever-increasing expectations

We provide a custom framework that allows for effective ongoing management of transformation to meet continuously evolving business needs in the short and long term. We offer detailed guidance on achieving buy-in across the organization and proven change agility disciplines and techniques to strengthen your entire company and foster a culture of continuous innovation and digital curiosity.

The complete modernization system is designed specifically for small-to-medium sized insurance organizations.

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We are fivem

We practice what we preach, which means we’re growing fast, conservatively, and intentionally. At FIVEM, we are family and aligned on the company’s very clear purpose, mission, vision, and values. These are the things that make us different and hold us accountable to bringing our very best to the table, every single time.

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