FiveM Consulting and Fortimize Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Insurance Industry’s Salesforce Experience



FiveM Consulting and Fortimize Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Insurance Industry’s Salesforce Experience

December 7, 2023 – Two industry leaders, FiveM Consulting and Fortimize, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the utilization and adoption of Salesforce and Data & Analytics capabilities within the insurance sector. This collaboration is poised to bridge a longstanding gap of insurance industry expertise and technical delivery excellence. The partnership is aimed to be the preferred consultancy for Insurance companies currently on or evaluating the Salesforce platform.

FiveM Consulting, recognized for its deep expertise in distribution, technology, and operations within the insurance vertical, brings a layer of industry-specific knowledge to the partnership. Their comprehensive understanding of insurance challenges ensures that solutions are tailored, relevant, and effective.

Fortimize, a leader in Salesforce and Data & Analytics consulting, ensures streamlined, efficient solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Partnering with FiveM provides them with further specialization in the insurance domain, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

“This partnership is a convergence of strengths,” stated Miguel Edwards, CEO of FiveM Consulting. “FiveM consistently evangelizes the potential Salesforce holds for the insurance sector. Partnering with Fortimize amplifies our ability to realize this potential and deliver unmatched value to our clients.”

Echoing the sentiment, Danny Varghese, President of Fortimize, remarked, “FiveM’s expertise in the insurance world, combined with our deep-rooted Salesforce and Data & Analytics experience in our serviced industries, makes this a strategic partnership for us and our clients. Together, we aim to help insurance companies truly harness the capabilities of their Salesforce licensing, driving ROI and ensuring that they’re leveraging all that the platform has to offer.”

Both companies are optimistic about the tangible changes they can bring to the table and are eager to demonstrate the value of their combined capabilities.

About FiveM Consulting

FiveM Consulting is a leading consulting firm with a razor-sharp focus on the insurance sector. With its deep-rooted expertise in insurance distribution, technology, and operations, the firm has been instrumental in driving transformative changes in the industry, enabling companies to achieve their strategic goals with efficiency and innovation.

About Fortimize

Fortimize is a team-owned consulting company dedicated to transforming the financial services and real estate industries through Salesforce and Data & Analytics solutions. Since 2012, Fortimize has successfully advised, implemented, and managed more than 1,000 projects for customers across North America, serving as a catalyst for strategic business growth.

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