A Two-Way Street: Underwriting Authority Matchmaking

Carriers continuously seek competitive advantage through specialized programs and entry into niche markets. On the other side, the insurtech boom has sprouted countless sophisticated firms seeking to fill that gap by means of obtaining underwriting authority, ie. MGAs.

Leveraging Design Thinking to Spark Innovation in Insurance

The insurance industry faces mounting challenges. Market saturation has triggered cutthroat competition and slowed growth. Changing consumer behaviors and expectations demand new engagement models aligned with digital-first preferences. Legacy systems and convoluted processes obstruct responsiveness and reduce service quality.

Navigating Economic Headwinds: The Strategic Move for Insurers to Add Commercial Business

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Changing economic conditions creates new facts. Consumers are spending less. Insurance cover cancellations are rising.

Insurers confront a crucial decision – stay within familiar territories, compete over a shrinking pool of premiums, or venture into new domains. This article serves as a practical primer, showing insurance company decision-makers the terrain they would navigate if they considered expanding into InsurTech.

Blockchain in Insurtech: A New Era of Security and Transparency

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Many of the most attention-grabbing sectors of recent years have lived with the mantra of moving fast and breaking things. Social media in the mid-2000s. Sharing economy platforms like Uber in the 2010s. After some initial chaos, amazing consumer products tend to emerge.

Other industries move slowly. Rather than chaos, there is inertia. And the consumer suffers through complexity, cost, and red tape. Healthcare is the poster child for this.

Unlocking Innovation: How Insurance IT Can Empower Business Users with No/Low-Code Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, insurance companies face a dual challenge: maintaining everyday operations and simultaneously pursuing innovation. My conversations with clients reveal a consistent obstacle to innovation: a lack of time. IT departments are deeply entrenched in the daily grind of business as usual (BAU) and Keeping the Lights On (KTLO), leaving little room for creative thought or novel projects.

The InsurTech Inflection: Navigating the New Age of Insurance

InsurTech is a pivotal force reshaping the insurance industry. Fusing insurance and technology shifts the paradigm. It introduces cutting-edge tools and methodologies to an age-old sector. InsurTech applies technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain to revolutionize insurance processes, including these fundamentals

Navigating the Cloud: The Evolving Journey of Insurance Companies

In the world of insurance, a sector often perceived as slow to embrace change, a quiet but profound transformation is underway. This change revolves around the adoption of cloud computing, a move driven by the industry’s growing need for agility, scalability, and enhanced security in a digital-first era.

Revolutionizing Underwriting: Unleashing Efficiency for Better Outcomes

Decades-old underwriting processes have stood the test of time, but many companies remain hesitant to enhance these systems as long as their ratios hover around industry averages. In a recent poll conducted by Accenture, startling revelations emerged—40% of underwriters’ valuable time is allocated to non-core activities.

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